If weeds are the bane of your existence you will love our post which shows you a collection of ways how you can get rid of them naturally. Watch now!

IEliminate backbreaking weeds or nasty chemicals. Today we’re sharing how to kill weeds naturally in your home and garden. Many of these simple ideas are pet friendly, and the good news is that you can make them at home.

It is important to remember that when you weed your garden, you are also killing natural microbes and fungi in the soil. Also, you may not know that there is much good to be found in them.

10 medicinal herbs that can grow in your gardenabout Positive Med

10 healing weeds that can grow in your garden

about Positive Med

Before taking revenge on your weeds, you might want to get to grips with them up close! Knowing what nutrients they contain and how they can benefit not only your garden but you is a great idea!

The above table of Positive med lists 10 weeds that can actually be beneficial to you. For example, high in potassium and milkweed, dandelions can treat and remove warts. They’re also great for attracting butterflies to your garden. Many of these rogues can be used to brew herbal teas or add to your food.

Killing weeds naturally above I wonder how to do it

Killing Weeds the Natural Way – 9 Non-Toxic Recipes

via Wonder How-To

The infographic above lists 9 natural homemade weed killers for you to try out on the street. The least effective is boiling water, which can be poured directly over the weeds.

Again, make sure you include the range. You can also use salt. Just sprinkle a pinch on the base of the plant and you will successfully kill the weeds.

You can also pour baking soda on weeds that are in paving stones and cracks in concrete. Mulch and a decent weed mat also work well and will ensure that weeds are greatly reduced.

Killing weeds naturally
via Gardeners Edge

Weed Barrier Newspaper

via Gardeners Edge

Newspaper is another effective material that can be used for weed prevention. Just smother low-growing multi-leaf weeds. You then cover the newspaper with a generous amount of mulch.

The lack of sunlight starves the weeds until they die. This is a very effective method and a great way to recycle your newspapers. You can also use the newspaper as a starter.

Killing weeds naturally via Listotic

Homemade weed killer recipe

via Listotic

Vinegar is another popular alternative when it comes to naturally killing weeds. All you have to do is pour / spray the weeds directly with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

It works best on young weeds. Make sure you avoid your existing assets. You can also use the blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid recipe above.

Cornmeal is another pantry staple that you can use. Simply sprinkle on the affected area so that no seeds grow into a plant. This works well for areas where you want to plant advanced plants.

Borax has many uses too. The best way to treat weeds is to sprinkle in cracks / crevices where weeds have grown. Baking soda can also be used for this exercise. Be sure to stay away from your home and established garden plants.

fresh eggs every day

Safe non-toxic weed control

about fresh eggs daily

Mulch is a treat and all you have to do is cover your existing soil with it to prevent weeds. It also makes it a lot easier to pluck them out when they show up!

Fresh eggs every day also recommends the good old hand draw and also chickens. Apparently they make wonderful weed killers, but be sure to supervise them!

How to Kill Weeds Naturally Video

via wtbm123, Youtube.

The video we’re recording today shows you how to use vinegar, salt, and dish soap to kill weeds.

This is a safe and effective way to tame the weeds in your garden. The creator will even show you the results a few days later. At the top, click Play to view Now ^

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