If your roses look more drab than fabulous, don’t fret. It’s easy to get them back to their former glory with this simple, organic method. Learn how to treat black spots organically.

B.Missing spots on your rose bush are enough to break any gardener’s heart. The good news is you can organically treat black spots on roses without the nasty toxic chemicals.

It’s important to remember that just because your rose looks unhealthy doesn’t mean there is no cure. The idea we’re sharing with you today is to invent a spray. It is gentle on your roses and you will be more than satisfied with the results. They won’t do any harm to the rest of your garden either.

Consumables for the treatment of black spots

  • Some small pruning shears
  • A trash bag or bucket to put infected leaves in
  • Homemade fungicide (as shown in the video below)

via project diaries

Black Spot is a terrible disease that can attack any leaf on your plant. If left untreated, it can prevent your roses from blooming.

In this video, Lee from Project Diaries shows you how to remove black spots step by step. You will also learn how to properly prune your plants and avoid damaging healthy parts. It’s a very thorough explanation with some great tips. We strongly encourage you to check it out. At the top, click ^

How to treat black spots on roses organically

1. The first step is to kill your roses. These can absorb nutrients from the healthy parts of your plant. Be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle.

2. Once the dead flowers are removed, cut off the black-spotted leaves and branches. These leaves turn yellow and have huge black spots.

Try to remove as little as possible, as leaves are the main way your plant gets its food.

3. Gather all the leaves and twigs that you cut. Getting rid of these is vital as the fungus can live on even on dead leaves.

4th Remove all weeds and other surrounding plants that have leaves infected with fungus.

5. Don’t put these leaves in your compost heap. The fungus will take over your soil.

6th Spread mulch such as straw, soil, or hay on the base of the bush.

7th Use a homemade organic fungicide and give your plant a good spray including the top, leaves, and base.

You will need to reapply this spray within a few weeks, usually every 7 days. If it rains make sure to reapply.

8th. Now you are done! Your rose bush should look a lot happier and healthier. It should start forming in a few weeks.

Be sure to water first thing in the morning. Don’t water the foliage as this can encourage fungus to grow.

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