You will love these great tips that will help you reset your body and get your mind under control right away. Don’t miss out on this great information.

L.ife has never been so hectic and everyday activity has negative effects on our nervous system.

It is important to know how to break through the hold. Today we’re sharing a 21 Day Anxiety Challenge with you and also the causes and reasons you may be experiencing anxiety and nervousness.

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Understand fear

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This infographic from EmpowHER is a good place to start. If you feel alone, you are not. While it is cold, around 40 million Americans are in a state of fear.

Fear is also a big driver and since we are constantly living in the future rather than the moment, this can be one of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome.

Some symptoms are restlessness, tiredness and difficulty concentrating. It is important that you know how you are feeling. This way they can keep a calm environment around you.

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21 day fear challenge

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If nerves are the be-all and end-all of your existence, the 21-Day Challenge is a good place to start. Try to do something different every day and take some time out just for yourself.

You will find that the first recommendation on your chart is Coloring-In. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and has been widely adopted by adults recently.

You will find that your stress levels decrease as you choose colors and focus on the job at hand. It’s very therapeutic and addicting.

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Learn how to ground yourself

Trying yoga, meditation, or a digital detox can also reduce your anxiety. Hiking, doing sports and connecting with nature are also excellent options. Take off your shoes and stand on fresh green grass. This establishes you and gives an immediate feeling of well being.

Sharon Martin’s infographic above has some more amazing grounding tips. As you can see from their suggestions, the point is to divert your brain’s attention and keep it busy. This gives you time to breathe and relieve your stress.

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Get a fear bracelet

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Another great idea we came across on Etsy is these comforting and fearful bracelets.

They are absolutely a treat and available in both adult and child sizes. They are also a great gift idea for a fearful friend.

How To Control Nerves Video

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Are you ready to learn the old trick to control and crush your nerves? We have attached a video that shows you the Japanese method.

You will learn how to relax in 5 minutes and it really works. It is based on the fact that each finger of your hand represents an individual emotion and how to get rid of it. To see the video, click Play ^ above

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