Do you think long, luscious, lump-free eyelashes are the impossible dream? It’s all in the application and you’re just getting it wrong. Watch the video tutorial now.

W.We have all heard the saying “the eyes have it”. Today we share the beauty trick that everyone secretly wants to know. How to properly apply mascara without clumping! Many mistakenly believe that they have short eyelashes and cannot achieve a fluttering look.

The secret is in the application and many of us just get it wrong. Luscious lashes are within your reach, but you need to know the pro tricks first!

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Mascara beauty trick

via the beauty department

So what’s the trick to getting beautiful full lashes? According to The beauty department It’s loose powder!

They recommend wiping loose powder through your lashes before applying the mascara. After trying this we can say that it absolutely works. You will get a much fuller look.


How to use mascara correctly


Thanks to Makeup.Com This excellent photo tutorial will show you a few more ways to achieve the ultimate look.

Many beauty gurus insist that it is important to curl your lashes before popped them onto your mascara.

As you can see above, there is also a swishing technique that works from right to left. They also recommend doing your lower lashes first.

How to properly apply mascara video

via Aly, Youtube.

Today we’re sharing a video of Aly who is a stage performer. She works under strong light and had to learn how to apply her makeup like a pro.

It shows how to get the best result with mascara, and as already mentioned, everything is included in the application. When you want a perfect, lump-free result. At the top, click Play ^

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