Here is the perfect project for your weird socks. You will be curious how to make a sock puppet and it couldn’t be easier! Watch the video now.

T.Today we are excited to share how to make a sock puppet and you will love the results. It’s the perfect project for all those weird socks that disappear in your washing machine.

Tina from Miss Daisy Patterns is back with their popular tutorial and the best of news, it couldn’t be easier. She is a very creative person and if you loved her rag doll sewing pattern then this project is definitely for you!

Sock dolls are the cutest gifts for a newborn or young child. They are perfect for cuddling and the kids will love them.

You can also use your leftover scrap yarn to do her hair. As you can see above, a striped dress and hat was made from a single sock.

How to do sock puppet instructions

via Miss Daisy Patterns

Tina made an excellent video tutorial that shows you step by step instructions on how to make a sock puppet. It’s a sequel to their very popular sock cat doll that we shared recently.

She is a great teacher and shows you how to make the doll including the hair. We strongly encourage you to watch their video for perfect results. At the top, click ^

how to make a sock puppet

Sock puppet tutorial

via Hands4Made Blogspot

Here is another very cute and extremely simple sock puppet pattern. We found it on Hands4Made blogspot.

We find them extremely cute and look at these adorable faces. We just know that you’d like to add them to your must-make list.

Do you want more sock ideas?

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