Dr. Eric Berg shares with us how to upset our metabolism and the information is mind blowing! Now check out his helpful video.

IIf you find yourself on the carousel of diets all the time, you may be shocked to know that they are actually ruining your metabolism. In fact, Dr. Eric Berg, that they actually make you fatter!

Dr. Berg would know because he was there! Diet keeps us in a cycle of hunger. This in turn leads to a disturbed metabolism. Dr Berg has numerous facts to support his claims. Dieting also increases hunger and cravings, which is the last thing any of us want.

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Signs your metabolism needs a boost

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This infographic shows common symptoms that your metabolism needs a shot in the arm. If you have thinning hair and brows, allergies and hypersensitivity, get sick frequently, have an excessively dry mouth, and urinate frequently, these are all indicators.

Cold body temperatures, mood and anxiety disorders, and drowsiness after eating are also indications.

Brain fog is another tell-tale sign, as is the bloating after eating. If you are suffering from these symptoms, the good news is that you can fix it.

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6 metabolism boosters

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Here are 6 excellent suggestions that you can put into action right away to boost your metabolism. At the top of the list is not to diet anymore! Dr. Ax says you should give your body the calories it needs.

You should also get adequate sleep and avoid inflammatory foods. Lifting weights is great for building lean muscles and your resting metabolism. High intensity interval training like a circuit will also get great results.

How To Fix A Broken Metabolism – Dr. Eric Berg

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Age also slows our metabolism, and exercise increases our hunger. Dr. Berg also says that losing weight isn’t natural. He also talks about intermittent fasting and insulin resistance.

Dr. Berg has a book to teach you how to lose weight for your body shape and we also have his recipe for the healthiest bread in the world on our website. He really knows his way around!

We strongly encourage you to watch this informative video. Grab a piece of paper, take notes, and prepare to fix your metabolism! You will be Dr. Love mountain and it really makes sense. At the top, click ^

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