This viral video on the garlic scrub hack took the world by storm. Learn how to quickly peel garlic like a pro. Our video shows you how.

T.The whole world was mesmerized when this viral video about peeling garlic hit their screens. Today we are going to share this brilliant trick and also show you how to do it right.

As with a lot of videos that are around, things often look a lot simpler than they do in real life. So, it’s good to see someone demolish the hack for you step by step.

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How to Peel Garlic in 10 Seconds

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At Living Healthy Me, Magnolia Beristain created this excellent step-by-step photo tutorial. She says you can peel garlic in just 10 seconds if you follow her method.

Magnolia changed her life significantly due to a non-alcoholic liver disease. She now enjoys vegetarian and Mediterranean-inspired recipes that regularly help people live well over 100 years.

3 reasons why fresh garlic is best

via Magnolia Beristain

Magnolia loves including garlic in their recipes, and here are the top three reasons she says it’s so much better than anything you’ll buy in a tube or jar.

The taste and texture are far superior.

Garlic that comes in a jar often contains phosphoric acid. This ingredient is also used to remove rust.

The tastes and flavors in your recipes will skyrocket once you start using fresh garlic.

Speaking of fresh garlic, if you want to grow your own garlic indoors in containers, here are instructions.

Garlic Scrub Hack – Viral Video Instructions

via Glen And Friends, Youtube.

Are you ready to learn the garlic peeling trick, and most importantly, how to do it? Glen from Glen and Friends is here to show us how.

He’s spent quite a bit of time nailing this trick, and now you can learn it too. This saves you time and clutter in the kitchen. Click Play ^ at the top to view it

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