Learn what your fingernails say about your health. Our post will show you various conditions that can be identified by studying your nails closely.

M.All people are curious about their fingernail conditions and what they mean. Some of the most common imperfections are pitting, burrs, stains, and other markings.

Today we’re going to dive into fingernail health and decipher its likely meaning. The helpful diagram that we share gives excellent advice and also draws your attention to possible deficiencies.

via Berkley Wellness

Fingernail Conditions and What They Mean

via Berkley Wellness

How can you see from the infographic Berkley WellnessThere are a number of conditions that the succession must be aware of including:

white bands

This condition is indicated by a pair of horizontal white lines that run parallel to the nail. It can occur due to chemotherapy, but it can also be linked to liver disease or kidney disease.

Nail clubbing

The nails usually curve at a slight upward angle from the nail bed. Nails that curve down can indicate lung disease, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and HIV infection.

Horizontal indentations

Horizontal lines can be a sign of an injury to the nail. They can occur as a result of a high fever and also in people who are undergoing chemotherapy. These are also known as Beau’s Lines.

Spoon nails

Spoon nails can be unusually thin and flat, or even concave enough to hold a drop of water. This condition has been linked to severe iron deficiency, anemia, and repeated exposure to chemicals or trauma.

White nail plates

White nail plates are characterized by white nails with a dark band on top. They usually appear on all fingers and are common in people with liver disease. While it can also occur as part of the normal aging process, it can be linked to congestive heart failure, diabetes, and HIV infection.

13 things your nails reveal about your health

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We captured this superb video from Brightside that is well worth watching. There are 13 common nail health conditions you need to be aware of. At the top, click Play to view Now ^

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