Giraffes are one of the most popular animals in the world. Now you can make your own crochet giraffe with this super cute collection of ideas.

W.With their lovely faces and eyelashes almost as long as their necks, it’s easy to see why everyone loves these crochet giraffe patterns.

We were so excited to come across this collection of cuties. There really is something for everyone and you will want to do them all!

Crochet amigurumi giraffe pattern

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We start our roundup with this cuter amigurumi giraffe that fits in the palm of your hand. Don’t you love the bow

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Aimee The Giraffe Pattern Kit

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The first idea we picked for you is this best-selling giraffe crochet kit from Etsy. What we love is that it has everything you need, including materials and a step-by-step video tutorial. This is perfect for beginners.

Gina the baby giraffe crochet kit

Another best-selling crochet set is this one for Gina, the baby giraffe. You get everything you need to make this cutie. It’s a great way to buy.

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Crochet amigurumi giraffe

This super cute giraffe was very popular with the creator. According to those who made it, it’s an easy-to-follow pattern that works quickly.

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Crochet giraffe pattern

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According to the creator, this is a very easy crochet pattern to follow. Only basic skills are required to recreate this sweetie at home.

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Giraffe crochet pattern

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Does it get much more adorable than these cuties? It’s easy to see why everyone’s head falls on hooks!

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Amigurumi giraffe in cuddle size

via StorylandAmis

Made in the perfect snuggle size, you’ll have so much fun conjuring up this adorable amigurumi giraffe.

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Dolores Crochet Giraffe Pattern

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Dolores the giraffe is another popular pattern that only requires a basic level of knowledge. The pattern includes extremely detailed step-by-step photos and instructions.

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Funny giraffe pattern

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We love this sassy crochet pattern for giraffes. This is one that is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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Baton baby giraffe crochet pattern

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What a beautiful pattern this baby giraffe is. It also gets rave reviews from those who made it.

Amigurumi Crochet Giraffe Free Pattern

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We mainly found them as free samples, but we’ve added a paid version and a paid version as well. Make sure you scroll our page and check them all out. Don’t forget to pin your favorites.

Baby Giraffe Amigurumi Free Pattern

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How cute is this adorable version of Ravelry? It’s easy to see why everyone was interested in whipping him.

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Cheeky giraffe amigurumi pattern

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The creator of this cutie calls him a “Naughty Giraffe”, we’re not sure why! The good news is that it’s a fabulous free sample.

Crochet giraffe

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Giraffe crochet picture

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Some people are sure to be smart and we love this idea to show off your crochet giraffe.

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Crochet giraffe pattern

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Amigurumi Giraffe Free Pattern

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Gabe the baby giraffe

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Gabe is the cutest little guy and according to the creator, you can whip him up in a matter of hours.

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Amigurumi Baby Giraffe Free Pattern

via Flourish And Tots

It’s easy to see why our community is in love with this cute little baby giraffe. The best part is that it’s a fabulous free sample!

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Crochet Stripey Giraffe Free Pattern

via I Love Buttons by Emma

This striped creation is nice and cozy for a young child and has that wonderful retro appeal.

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Hearty Giraffe Free Pattern

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We know you can’t wait to conjure up Hearty the Giraffe. It’s perfect for cuddling and ideal as a homemade gift.

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Crochet giraffe pattern

via The Artisans Nook

This beautiful crochet giraffe is very popular with the creator and has an easy-to-follow and well-written pattern that guarantees the best result.

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Theodore and Emma Giraffe

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Theodore and Emma are the cutest little couple, and a detailed crochet pattern can be found on the creator’s website.

Crochet giraffe pattern

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Best seller crochet giraffe pattern

via Little Bears Crochet

This lovely giraffe is very popular with crocheting and comes with detailed instructions to download.

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